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SIX Funders Node Retreat: Philanthropy and the private sector

Location: Wasan Island
Event Date: 9 — 12 June 2019

Date: June 9-12, 2019

Location: Wasan Island, Canada

We know that philanthropy alone can’t solve the complex challenges our societies face. Working with the private sector can be challenging, but it has the potential for foundations to more effectively achieve their missions and work at a greater scale. This practice-led retreat will explore the relationship and tensions between philanthropy and the private sector.

Key questions that will sit at the core of the programme include:

  • What are the right models of partnership to maximise social impact? What are some good principles of engagement?

  • Where is there tension with competition and where can there be more collaboration?

  • How do foundations move from a piecemeal approach to working with corporates to a more holistic ecosystem approach?

  • What are the different roles that foundations can play now, and in the future? What are the different models of philanthropy?

  • How do we best develop movements and collectively share across industries and initiatives?

This retreat is part of the SIX Funders Node, a programme within SIX to inspire, enable and challenge philanthropic funders to be more transformational. Over the past 4 years, we’ve hosted more than 25 global events curated around the topics keeping funders awake at night that are designed to facilitate long lasting relationships amongst global peers and provoke collective action. Retreats are a key part of SIX’s work with funders.


We are hosting this retreat on Wasan Island thanks to the generous support of the Robert Bosch Stiftung and their partnership with the BMW Foundation, the Breuninger Foundation, Community Foundations of Canada and the McConnell Foundation.

This retreat is invite only for senior leaders of pioneering philanthropic foundations on Wasan Island, in Ontario, Canada. If you’re interested in knowing more please contact