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SIX Asia launch: Suggested Reading

Published Date: 1 June 2012

Following the launch of SIX Asia last June, there is lots of social innovation activity across Asia.  Not least in Seoul, where Mayor Won Soon Park, who launched SIX Asia in Hong Kong, and is into his second year as Mayor is working to promote social innovation. While creating a much more open, transparent and representative system of government, Mayor Park is also working to establish an ecosystem which will continue to support social innovation activities for many years – we have seen new departments established in governments as well as the creation of a series of organisations and departments.

These new organisations, Seoul Community Support Centre,  will work alongside the Hope Institute and the Beautiful Foundation and in the spirit of SIX, have already visited different parts of the world including Europe to try and understand who else is doing what and how. More details on Seoul social innovation can be seen in this interview with SIX friends from the Hope Institute.

The SIX community will have the opportunity to visit Seoul City to see some of the effects of Mayor Park’s work at the beginning of September for the 2013 SIX Summer School. Watch the SIX website for more updates and details of dates and themes.

Seoul is not the only hive of social innovation activity in SIX Asia. Next week, the largest MAD School event will take place with more than 1700 young people from more than 70 cities across Asia: ANIS conference will be hosted in Thailand by Change FusionLien Centre for Social Innovation in Singapore will be hosting Social Icon again in September; Social Innovation Camp Asia will be hosted in countries across the region this summer.  This is not to mention the development of the Adianta School for Leadership and Innovation in New Delhi, the increase in shared work spaces and incubators, and the development of a series of social innovation funds from governments to foundations across the region.