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SIC final event: “Beyond Imagination: A socially innovative Europe”

Location: Seville, Spain
Event Date: 12 — 13 November 2018

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The finale of Social Innovation Community (SIC) is themed “Beyond Imagination: A socially innovative Europe”. You will be joined by leading thinkers, international speakers and cross-sectoral practitioners to EXPLORE and CO-CREATE a socially innovative Europe.

Europe has changed drastically in the last 10 years - socially, politically, economically and demographically. Social innovation has sparked millions of creative solutions towards complex social challenges, including in the public sector, private sector, universities, and community.

In the finale, we will celebrate what we have achieved in the past decade, understand how purposeful cross-sectoral collaboration can happen and imagine the way ahead for social innovation.

Beyond Imagination: A socially innovative Europe will explore key areas including:

  1. What does it take to design the future we want?
  2. How can we use more experimentation and participatory learning approaches?
  3. What is the role of research and technology in Social Innovation?
  4. How the #SIDeclaration can influence future policy?
  5. How do we need to connect and work differently as a society in order to tackle the challenges ahead?

We will have local organisation visits to learn about innovation practice in Seville,  hosted by different networks in SIC and many other experiences to take part in, including thematic workshops, talks and exhibitions. These will inspireequip and energise you to look towards a socially innovative future for Europe.

Stay tuned for the inspiring speakers!

Let’s celebrate and co-create a shared vision of the future together!