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The Role of Social Innovation in tackling Climate Change

Published Date: 7 April 2009

The 2009 SIX TelePresence theme ‘Recovery Through Innovation’ allowed those participating to explore a wide range of global problems and innovative solutions to fight the global economic crisis. By collaborating, sharing ideas and experiences, and innovating we can both find more effective responses to the immediate crisis, and develop much broader strategies for global recovery and a long tem investment in the future. The 6SIX TelePresence series contributed to the wider SIX aims of highlighting how social innovation strategies can become catalysts for change at a global level.

The Copenhagen Summit in December 2009, was a test to how committed nations are to preserving the environment and the earth as a whole. Leading up to it, the SIX network with the help of the City of Malmo and Malmo University explored how citizens can participate in ensuring the environment is preserved and sustainable neighbourhoods can be created. What role does the citizen play in ensuring the creation of a sustainable neighbourhood? How can citizens become more engaged to ensure radical socialchange, especially in the field of climate change and environmentalsustainability?