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Recommended Reading for SIX Nairobi event

Published Date: 2 July 2015

In preparation for the SIX event 'What makes a city a hub for innovation?' that we hosted with Amani Institute and Hivos in May 2015, we created the following page of interesting articles and blogs related to the event theme.

The Mobile Continent by Erik Hershman- one of the co-founders of Ushahidi and the iHub who will open the FailFaire on Wednesday- comments on the progress and impact of mobile technology on the continent. He says 'Every stratum, every fiber of the fabric of life here has changed because of mobile phones. The last decade has seen dramatic change in Africa, and the next decade promises even more.'

THE CITY OF CHEETAHS by Anne Miltenburg who is leading a skills workshop on Friday. This article explores how brand thinking can help put Nairobi on the map as a global leader in social innovation. 

Seven Elements of Social Innovation by Roshan Paul from the Amani Institute explores a new framework emerges for social innovation education.

Creating an Ecosystem for Innovation: How to Support Entrepreneurial Inventors in Developing Economies  by Alexander Pan 

This paper builds on roundtable conversations held by the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs and the Lemelson Foundation to explore the specific elements that are needed to foster strong ecosystems for innovation-based entrepreneurs in the developing world. 

The Emergence, Challenges and Potential of the Kenyan Tech Ecosystem by Julia Manske published by the Vodafone Institute 
This article considers the policies and conditions that are needed to build the technology ecosystem in Kenya that will enable the development of another M-Pesa. 

Sustainable cities depend on empowered citizens by SciDevNet

Kenya's Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Thrives Despite Terror Attacks by Amy Guttman

Learning from Innovation Hubs: Fluidity, Serendipity and Community Combined by Lidia Gryszkiewicz and Nicolas Friederici

Although focusing on small-scale singular hubs, this article examines 10 characteristics of innovation hubs- such as a sense of community and commitment to a shared purposes and creating impact- which could be applied more generally to larger innovation ecosystems to enable ideas and people to thrive and collaborate. 

Learning from Nairobi- A blog series by SIX based on conversations in the lead up of the event