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Prayer wheel powered LED display in the Himalaya

Published Date: 11 February 2009

Flashing prayer-wheel: pieces of a bicycle and concrete, in a place where even Lara Croft couldn’t get to. In Ladakh, a region of the Himalayas, Kitchen Budapest, a technology focused media lab, has prepared a relatively low-tech installation: Csoma’s wheel. This installation is appalling and unique both in its material and in its form.

We took prayer-wheels as basis and built a structure, which mixes tradition with innovation. With this, KIBU manifests again how an exciting request can be complied. (Although the goal of the makers was the reconsideration of the prayer-wheel, Csoma’s wheel represents contrast with its ambience.) Now, in the ravaged Csoma sanctuary standing installation covers electronic arts, experience of motion pictures and the tradition of prayer-wheels. Csoma’s wheel is the first “new media treasure” of the Himalayas.

This installation signifies the connection between Hungary, Zangla, Sándor Kőrösi Csoma and the architectects renovating, larding with Kitchen’s cast of mind. With the aspect of respecting tradition, this project is the revelation of honor on the researcher. We believe that this structure will make the place even more appealing to visitors from other countries.

How does it work?

We built the wheel from bicycle pieces, LEDs and light-conducting concrete displays.

The spinning of the wheel generates enough electricity to power a strip of LEDs. The light lands in the optical filaments containing concrete display, where the spectacle sets to a picture.