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Participate in the 2016 Mayor's Challenge!

Author: Bloomberg Philanthropies
Published Date: 26 February 2016

The Mayors Challenge touches millions of lives – from the citizens who are affected by bold new innovations, to the hundreds of city leaders who learn new strategies and tools that can help them better meet the needs of their residents during the competition and beyond. Participating cities in the United States and Europe are advancing their bold ideas; improving the way their governments work and improving the quality of life in their communities.

During the 2016 competition, Bloomberg Philanthropies expect cities across Latin America and the Caribbean to continue to demonstrate that local government can generate bold new ideas, develop unique partnerships, and engage citizens in exciting ways.

Participating cities have a chance to win implementation funding, earn broad public recognition as leaders in innovation, and participate in a growing international network of municipal innovators.

To enter the competition, an authorized executive or body (e.g. mayor, deputy mayor, chief executive, city manager or equivalent) must submit the information details below. As a next step, you will receive information about the application process.  Cities are encouraged to immediately consider a serious problem they want to solve. Your city must have at least 100,000 residents within the administrative division of the city and must be within the Latin American and Caribbean region to apply. Please see the FAQ section for more information.

Learn more about the challenge here.