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New hope for Cameroonians with heart problems

Author: Zainab Reza
Published Date: 3 August 2012

By Richard Chowning

In the central African country Cameroon, there are less than forty cardiologists for the country's twenty million inhabitants. Almost all of these vital medical personnel practice in the large cities of Douala or Yaoundé, making it very difficult for the majority of the country's rural population to receive proper diagnosis and treatment of suspected heart problems. That dangerous reality is on the brink of changing due to creation ofCardiopad, the innovation of a twenty-four year old, Cameroonian engineer, Marc Arthur Zang Adzaba.

CardioPad,is a medical, computer tablet that enables heart examinations like electrocardiograms (ECG) to be conducted at remote, rural locations. CardioPad utilizes electrodes, fitted with bluetooth, that are placed on the patient's chest sending a signal to a touch screen tablet and wirelessly transfer the readings to heart specialist anywhere in the country to interpret and render a diagnosis.

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