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Monthly round-up: What does 2020 have in-store

Published Date: 29 January 2020

This month, we have been reading about the trends for 2020, new ideas of city, challenging the way we do things and so much more! 

Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

Trends for the new year

Marco Shek: 10 ways purposeful business will evolve in 2020

As more companies commit to long-term positive societal impact, how will the landscape change in the coming year? 

Sophie Monaghan-Coombs: The 2020 vision for gender policy

From digital equality to feminist leadership and a battle about abortion in Argentina — This Apolitical article explores the gender trends they predict will shape the year ahead.

So Jung Rim: 12 Trends of 2019: Taking Responsibility for our Collective Future

A number of real shifts and developments in the sector could change the way we work and amp up the generative power we have to help shape society at large. It brings us to an overarching theme: what we’re seeing is a pivot to a more generative design role in democracy. 


Changing Cities 

Josiane Smith: A home away from home - innovations to support refugee inclusion in cities

Although news of Europe’s ‘refugee crisis’ no longer dominates the headlines, refugees and asylum-seekers continue to face significant challenges long after resettlement. 

Louise Pulford: Phasing Out Cars Key To Paris Mayor’s Plans For 15-Minute City

Should she get reelected as Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo plans to turn the French capital into a myriad of neighbourhoods where “you can find everything you need within 15 minutes from home.”


Challenging conventions

Peter Mwangi: Charities crowded in affluent areas instead of where they are needed, says thinktank

Charitable wealth and resources – from volunteers to philanthropic donations and council grants – are disproportionately concentrated in England’s most affluent areas at the expense of the country’s most deprived communities, a report claims. 

Darren Mew: Telling the story of your project… using The Tiger Who Came to Tea.

As digital people working in government, we’re often called upon to talk about our work, but sometimes we get bogged down in detail or stifled by structure, and it stops us from telling a compelling story. This session — run at GovCamp on 18 January 2020 — was an experiment in seeing if we might change that.


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