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Monthly round-up: transparency in philanthropy, carbon footprints in university institutions, Brexit and A-level results, and so much more!

Published Date: 10 September 2019

This month, we have been reading a lot about risk, legitimacy and philanthropy and social cohesion and the role for philanthropy, ahead of our two retreats in Canada. To find out more about what’s happening during our retreats, follow our Twitter

Climate crisis 

Josiane Smith: Inside the innovation lab solving climate financing (via Apolitical) 

The Lab is an incubator for non-traditional financial instruments that fund climate solutions

Darren Mew: Goldsmiths' Carbon Neutral Plan (via Goldsmiths) 

Goldsmiths University is working to cut its carbon use and is determined to be carbon neutral by 2025.



So Jung Rim: The long game: Are foundations under-utilising one of their greatest assets? (via ACF) 

How time and the timeliness of US right wing philanthropy helped get Kavanaugh elected to the Supreme Court, and the lessons for UK foundations.

Sophie Monaghan-Coombs: A-levels vs BTECs is the story of British politics (via The Spectator) 

Is the question of what percentage of 17 and 18-year-olds sit A-levels the most important fact in British politics that most people don’t know?



Peter Mwangi: Unleashing the true potential of philanthropy to transform lives and communities (via The Guardian) 

An outline of a report by CAF on community philanthropy that highlights the amount of money that will be available in 2030, giving power pack to CSOs and letting them choose the work they want to do and harnessing the power to making it sustainable.

Marco Shek: Group of top CEOs says maximizing shareholder profits no longer can be the primary goal of corporations (via The Washington Post) 

While the statement represents at the very least a symbolic change in the group’s thinking, it was not clear how companies would change their practices in light of the new commitments, nor how any changes in behavior would be assessed or monitored.

Louise Pulford: Philanthropy, Transparency, and Indigenous Relationships (via Glasspockets) 

A reflection on funder relationships with indigenous communities and the ways in which funders get this wrong and right, and what role transparency can play in strengthening these efforts.