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Monthly round-up: radical visions for the future, self-empowerment, landscaping innovation, and so much more!

Published Date: 7 October 2019
Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash
Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

This month, we have been reading about the future of society in terms of government, power and societies needs, as well as reenvisioning what social innovation looks like and where it can take us.

Re-imagining futures

Marco Shek: Radical Visions of Future Government 

An outline of what a government in the future could look like. Looking to 2030 from a British context, the essay rethinks what government is, what it should do, and how it should work. 


Sophie Monaghan-Coombs: Two powerful new arguments for the making of a "commons" as the self-empowerment we need

This article explores two different arguments on “commons”, and how to use new forms of political and material structures that are more expressive of the desires and needs of citizens. 


Darren Mew: Why we need to reinvent democracy for the long-term

Revisiting an article from a few months ago, here are some interesting examples of government setting up future commission. A very relevant piece for thinking around the new story to the world!


Louise Pulford: Hype vs reality: What India taught me about investing for impact

One of our board members and SIX 100 network members has written an interesting article proposing four ways to improve investing for impact in other sectors while learning from the ups and downs of India’s financial inclusion boom.


New ways of change-making

Josiane Smith: African advocacy groups and creatives unite for women’s empowerment

In a new campaign, Hivos is connecting women’s organisations with artists and creatives to tell women’s stories through original creative content, including graphic novels. 


Peter Mwangi: Red Cross to create private investment platforms for humanitarian work

The article delves into how bonds and direct investment platforms would give displaced people long-term access to food, water and shelter without relying on aid convoys.


So Jung Rim: Landscape of innovation approaches: introducing version 2

Nesta has documented the social innovation landscape with a list of approaches, emerging methods and innovation approaches.


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