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Monthly round-up: Past, present and future - the impact of COVID19 on social innovation

Published Date: 16 April 2020

Over the past month, we have been reading a lot about COVID19 (who hasn’t) but importantly we’ve been thinking about the future, what “new normal” will look like and what we can do to use our network to make a difference in the current climate.

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash


Louise Pulford: How should government manage big risks – pandemics to financial shocks?

Our board member and founder, Geoff Mulgan, has written an article on risks and where the UK government could have done better over COVID19.


Darren Mew: 11 Things on my mind as a funder.

This year SIX has been and will be working even more with funders. This blog post by Cassie Robinson explores 11 things funders are and should be thinking about at the moment. 

Sophie Monaghan-Coombs: Philanthropy, this is our “Matrix” moment . . . what will you choose?

This 9 minute read look explores what foundations can do in the current climate using The Matrix as a metaphor as a way of explaining those who want to take action and those who want to stay in ignorance. 

Peter Mwangi: Eight Emerging Lessons: From Coronavirus to Climate Action

What if we used this disruption as an opportunity to let go of everything that isn’t essential in our life, in our work, and in our institutional routines? How might we reimagine how we live and work together

Josiane Smith: #YouClapForMeNow - #WeWillRememebr You Clap For Me Now - A Brilliant Message

Here's an interesting video of many different (still working, still on the frontline) immigrants - ironic and deadpan whilst deeply offended and irritated by the sudden turn of tone by otherwise anti-immigrant sentiment in the UK. Sharing because of the "it only takes the smallest things to change the world" --- whose voices should we continue to not just honour but centre!


So Jung Rim: Bridges to the Future: Responses to COVID-19

Geoff Mulgan joins Matthew Taylor on this episode of the podcast to talk about what the world will look like after the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Marco Shek: Beyond coronavirus: The path to the next normal

We will soon be launching this year’s SIX Wayfinder, this article looks at what the world could look like in the wake of COVID19 as the restructuring of the global economic order takes place. 

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