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Monthly round-up: issues from unresolved pasts, what's stopping bigger social change, creativity and innovation away from cities and much more!

Published Date: 10 December 2019
Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

Unresolved past

Darren MewColonialism in the decor: we can’t keep sweeping the past under the leopard skin rug

At the end of the colonial era, hundreds of thousands of individuals brought objects home. From the horrific to the banal, these relics should be a starting point to reckon with the west’s violent history.

Josiane Smith"The traditional model of philanthropic support is an ongoing act of self-harm"

In the wake of recent controversies surrounding the funding of major institutions – dubbed "toxic philanthropy" – we must rethink the system for supporting culture, says Forensic Architecture researcher Robert Trafford.

Stopping bigger change

Louise PulfordWe live in a world of upheaval. So why aren’t today’s protests leading to revolutions?

How might we make sense of these upheavals? Are they revolutionary or just a series of spectacular eruptions of anger? And are they doomed to fail?

So Jung RimTaiwan is making democracy work again. It's time we paid attention.

Social media has opened up vast social divisions and brought democracy to its knees. In Taiwan, people are fighting back.

Doing things a new way

Sophie Monaghan-CoombsWhy We Should Stop Conflating Cities With Innovation and Creativity 

The language we use to discuss innovation and creativity has such a pro-urban bias that we’ve forgotten these qualities flourish outside of cities, too.

Marco Shek: Finland Is About to Get the World’s Youngest Prime Minister​

At just 34 years old, Sanna Marin is about to make history as she becomes the world’s youngest serving prime minister. The Finnish Social Democrat won her party’s backing over the weekend and is set to be confirmed on Tuesday.

Peter MwangiHow the inventor of the web plans to make it safe and accessible for everyone

Contract for the Web, a plan to make online activity safe and accessible for everyone. Berners-Lee compares the contract to the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which enshrines dignity and freedom for all people.

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