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Monthly round-up: The governance of uncertainty, inclusive citizen moves and love meets power

Published Date: 26 May 2020

Over the past month, we have been reading a lot about the failings of governments and institutions of power, different narratives around COVID19 that aren't focused on the Global North and the importance of kindness and being vulnerable.

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

Effective Governance 

Louise Pulford: The Big Failure of Small Government

It is no coincidence that countries with mission-driven governments have fared better in the COVID-19 crisis than have countries beholden to the cult of efficiency. Effective governance, it turns out, cannot be conjured up at will, because it requires investment in state capacity.

Peter Mwangi: Strategic Innovation and the governance of uncertainty

Strategic single-mindedness, operational short-termism, funnelling down + modesty of organisational innovation efforts. This is a consequence of governance systems where decision-makers adjudicate innovation rather than being responsible for fostering it.

So Jung Rim: Realizing Democracy Demands Addressing Deeper Structural Roots of Failure and Possibility of Shared Power

As long as it is more profitable to rig the rules than play by them, our better angels are unlikely to thrive.



Sophie Monaghan-Coombs: Why are Africa's coronavirus successes being overlooked?

Examples of innovation aren’t getting the fanfare they would do if they emerged from Europe or the US.

Marco Shek: 10 Interesting and Inclusive (COVID19 Triggered) Citizen Moves

Curiosity about the localized, context-specific ways, in which ordinary citizens and civil society have been filling the void where the government is not taking the lead.


Power of Kindness 

Darren Mew: Love Meets Power

Every system we have in place as a society and the resources we have to manage it are increasingly limited. The subject may seem unorthodox. 'Love' is not a word we often find in the professional sphere, particularly in association with 'power'. But bold ideas that remind us of what it means to be a human feel of the utmost importance in these challenging times.

Josiane Smith: The Cure to Viral Racism Is Within Our Hands

Racial bigotry and “xenophobia” is ravaging Asian American communities in the U.S. alongside the physical impacts of COVID-19. It is reminiscent of attacks against South Asians, Arab and Muslim Americans after 9/11, brewed from anti-Blackness and the all-too-familiar racial profiling of Black, Brown, and Native American people just going about their lives. We thank those that stand in support of Chinese and Chinese Americans during this period as we stand in solidarity with others who have and continue to experience racism and bigotry.

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