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A model of multi-channel communication to strengthen governance and citizen engagement

Author: Jungwon Kim, Sunkyung Han, Ahyoung Park and So Jung Rim
Published Date: 16 December 2013

This Social Frontier paper was orginally published by Nesta.

Social innovation is gaining considerable interest from public policy discourse throughout the world and South Korea is no exception. Ever since a well-known social innovator, Wonsoon Park,became the Mayor of Seoul in October 2011, there has been a shift towards an open and partici-patory dialogue between the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) and Seoul citizens. Mayor Park’s philosophy of open dialogue and citizen participation was evident early on from his electioncampaign where he used social media to communicate and listen to the needs of voters. Since he started in his new post, his philosophy has been reflected in a diverse range of policies, pro-grammes and legal framework initiated and directed by the SMG. 

One of the core mechanisms used to embed the values of openness and participation in the way the SMG functions is the multi-channel communication between the SMG and Seoul citizens. The key element of the SMG’s multi-channel communication is the appreciation for strengthening good governance through citizen engagement. This study examines how the SMG’s multi-channel communication is strengthening citizen engagement and good governance. The aim of this research is to answer the following questions: How does the SMG’s multi-channel communication help foster citizen engagement? Is citizen engagement strengthened by the SMG’s multi-channel communication support, and does it help to sustain social innovation in Seoul? What are the challenges of the SMG’s multi-channel communication in strengthening citizen engagement?

Read in full: "Seoul City's social innovation strategy: A Model of multi-channel communication to strengthen governance and citizen engagement"