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Micro financing, social investment and enterprise - In China and around the world

Published Date: 12 June 2009

Jaff Shen discussed the progress and work that the Fuping Development Institute (FDI) is currently doing in China in relation to social investment and social enterprise. Jaff Shen spoke about the positive aspects of an inclusive financial system, and then further elaborated on the work that FDI is working on.

Fuping Development Institute (FDI) is a registered non-profit organization established in 2002 for the purposes of alleviating poverty and promoting sustainable development in China. The founder of FDI includes a team of celebrated academics, entrepreneurs, and development practitioners.

The mission of FDI is to promote social innovation through social entrepreneurship and making services work for poor people; to promote the well-being of impoverished people and enhance their chances; to pursue the establishment of a sustainable and harmonious society. The main working area of FDI includes Micro Credit; Supporting Migrant Workers and social investment.

FDI won the prize of ‘Best NGO’ which awarded by the Department of Civil Affairs in Beijing in 2005 and 2007. FDI was also one of the seven ‘Model China NGO’ elected by the World Charity Forum and the ONE Foundation in 2008.

You can find the report from this session here