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MASS Design: Beyond the building

Author: MASS Design Group
Published Date: 16 February 2014

MASS Design Group began in 2008 during the design and building of the Butaro District Hospital in Rwanda; a project of Partners In Health and the Rwandan Ministry of Health. Since then, MASS has expanded to work on three continents with projects spanning the design of buildings, research, policy, education, and strategic planning. Their work seeks to provide infrastructure, buildings, and the human and physical systems necessary for growth, dignity, and well-being.

MASS has been awarded the Curry Stone Design Prize, Zumtobel Prize, Architecture League Emerging Voices Award, Healthcare Design Changemaker Award, Contract Magazine ‘Designer of the Year’, and received the World Architecture News Burro Happold Award, among others. MASS has been a finalist for the TED Prize, and the Aga Khan Award for Architecture, and a semi-finalist for the Buckminster Fuller Challenge.

This video is part of the group's 2014 'Beyond the Building' campaign. Visit their website for more information on MASS and its work.

Beyond The Building from MASS Design Group on Vimeo.