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Author: Julie Caulier Grice
Published Date: 25 February 2008

Maslaha is a new project helping to create a greater understanding of Islam in a safe environment, allowing you to question and learn with an open mind.

Maslaha is a new web based project being established by the Young Foundation. It aims to help young Muslims deal with the everyday dilemmas of living in a western secular society. Maslaha translates from Arabic as ‘in the public interest'. By drawing together the insights and expertise from leading intellectuals, academics, scholars, young people and service providers, the project aims to help provide information about Islam focusing on practical issues people face in daily life ranging from questions on what Islam says about: organ donations and transplants; blood transfusions; burial; post mortems; consumption of alcohol and alcohol based products; dress; dating; inter-marriage; adoption; divorce; travel; taking out loans and insurance; political participation and democratic engagement.

Maslaha also aims to increase understanding among non-Muslims about Islam helping day-to-day interactions between service users and service providers, friends, work colleagues and neighbours, reducing the risk of tensions arising from misunderstandings. The project will also highlight the contributions made by Islam to civilisation and the contribution of Muslim scholars in the fields of maths, architecture, medicine, astronomy and the arts.