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Making Finland a leading country in innovation - Final Report of the Competitive Innovation Environment Development Programme

Author: Cate Newnessmith
Published Date: 23 March 2005

The report examines the future development of innovation activity. Our challenge in the long run will be that, in order to secure its future success, Finland will have to become a leading country in innovation.

World-class innovation activity is a crucial competitive factor in the global economy. Substantial investments in the advancement of research and development activities and in the innovation system have been made in Finland. Several reports on innovation activity and on its development needs have also been published lately (Report on Finland in the Global Economy, the strategy for reforming the seed capital and service system for start-up innovation companies prepared by Anssi Paasivirta, also known as the AISP strategy, and the reports of the Science and Technology Policy Council of Finland).

It is important that the recommendations are implemented effectively. If the time span under review is extended further, the worldwide development trends would seem to require even more daring measures and reforms. In order to survey these, Sitra carried out the Competitive Innovation Environment Development Programme, running from the end of 2004 into 2005.

Twenty-four people important to the development of innovation activity were invited as participants from public administration, businesses and research institutions. Senior Advisor, Professor Juhani Kuusi, served as the Chairman of the development programme. The programme took place in five stages, two of which were carried out abroad, in San Diego and Dublin. The objective of the sessions abroad was to become acquainted with exceptionally challenging innovation environments.