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Making Finland a leading country in innovation

Author: Julie Caulier Grice
Published Date: 21 February 2008

This report is the final report of the development programme. It is divided into two parts, the first of which provides an overview of Finland’s situation, changes in the environment and innovation activity. The latter part contains the actual action programme. The report examines the future development of innovation activity. Our challenge in the long run will be that in order to secure its future success, Finland will have to become a leading country in innovation. We need a dynamic innovation environment that will attract experts and investments. In order to build such an environment, it is not enough to invest in know-how and in research and development. We must also be able to create an encouraging and inspiring innovation culture where enterprise is desired and accepted.This report is intended to be used by the actors and decision- makers of the innovation system. However, the analyses and proposals for action included are probably interesting to all parties involved in developing Finland’s future.