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The link between complexity, innovation and… peace building?

Author: George Hodge
Published Date: 23 August 2012

By George Hodge

All of five months have passed since UNDP in Armenia hosted a social innovation camp (known asMardamejlocally) and in that time my colleagues and I have delivered a few presentations on our experience and received numerous insightful questions from the development community.

A recurring theme concerns the use of the social innovation camp methodology for dealing with uncertainty within UNDP’s manifold operational contexts.

Late last year, Albert Soer and Balazs Horvath initiated a vibrant debate onSustainable development and coming to terms with complexity, asking whether sustainable development is a normative outcome of a complex social system or whether a complex system is a product of a sustainable approach to development – a chicken and egg dilemma (almost).

The importance of the debate lies in the fact that both sides seem to agree upon the need for more dynamic programming, and in doing so, question the efficacy of linear thinking and an over reliance on central planning.

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