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Life not for Sale: escape human traffickers in informative online game

Author: CDC and IOM
Published Date: 19 November 2012

"Life not for Sale was produced by CDC and IOM under the Serbian UN Joint Programme “Youth Employment and Management of Migration”, funded by the MDG Achievement Fund. If you travel abroad irregularly, you risk far more than you think, including being trafficked. Human trafficking is one of the most widespread and profitable criminal activities, along with drug trafficking, weapons trafficking, and money laundering. Globally, an estimated 800,000 people mainly women and children fall victim to trafficking every year. Today, the Republic of Serbia is a country of destination, transit and origin of victims of trafficking. Most victims of human trafficking in Serbia are women and girls, although there is a growth in trafficking of men. Women and girls are often forced into prostitution, children into begging and petty crime, and men into forced labour. But this does not mean we did not see boys and men trafficked for sexual exploitation, and women being exploited for work.

In the game “Life Not For Sale” you are captured by human traffickers. You must find your way out and get back to safety. While playing you will find useful information about trafficking, and many tools and hints on how to find help and support when you are stuck in a difficult and dangerous situation."

To play the game and for more information please click here