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Learning from Nairobi: What happened at the event?

Published Date: 6 July 2015

If you want to know more about the discussions that were had and the key themes that emerged, read the highlights report. You can also see photos and tweets from the event.

This event highlighted the need for this unique space for thinkers and doers from the region come together and connect with the global SIX network. This event was the second in the series of gatherings that we are hosting across Africa over the next year. SIX will be working with different partners to host a series of gatherings across Africa during 2014-2015 to explore social innovation in the continent. This series of events will highlight new and unique social innovations coming out of the region, explore new trends and thinking, provide unique forums and spaces to accelerate thinking and share best practices and build a community that enables people to connect with each other and around the world.