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Leading Public Sector Innovation

Published Date: 18 March 2011

Co creating for a better society with Christian Bason, Mindlab, Denmark.

SIX believes that social innovation is at its best when actors across sectors work together effectively. This SIX TelePresence session, which was led by Christian Bason, Mindlab, Denmark, focused on the role of public sector organisations. In a time of unprecedented turbulence, how can public sector organisations increase their ability to find innovative solutions to society's problems?Christian Bason lead a discussion of his new book "Leading public sector innovation", which shows how government agencies can use co-creation to overcome barriers and deliver more value, at lower cost, to citizens and business. The discussion was based on inspiring global case studies, practical examples, and the key triggers of public sector innovation outline in the book. SIX brought together a selection of people for whom Christian’s book is essential reading. Public managers and staff, social innovators, business partners, researchers, consultants and others with a stake in the public sector of tomorrow came together for a truly global discussion.