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Launch of 'Breakthrough Cities' report on creativity and social innovation in cities

Author: Louise Pulford
Published Date: 17 June 2009

‘Breakthrough Cities’, a groundbreaking report on how cities can mobilise creativity and knowledge to tackle compelling social challenges, was commissioned by the British Council from the Young Foundation. The report is authored by Geoff Mulgan and Charles Leadbeater, both who are established international experts in social innovation and creativity, as well as Rushanara Ali, Alessandra Buonfino and Lauren Kahn. The report provides a unique resource for anyone working in the field of city policy – policy makers, consultants, public employees, workers in the arts or education sectors, NGOs, or simply private individuals committed to improving city lives. The reportwas launched on 11 June, in Prague, in front of an audience of policy makers and social innovators.

Download the report here.