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KT Chernomorka

Author: Delphi Jarrett
Published Date: 15 October 2010

Chernomorka is a cooperative for local people with disabilities that aims to provide employment through the production of children's clothing.

Chernomorka's main goal is to provide jobs for disabled people in the local community and to support their social integration. Particular emphasis is placed on the integration of disabled women. The organisation's main business is the production of clothing for 0 - 10 year olds, under the trademark 'Small Mode', which prides itself on the production of comfortable, practical and durable items made from 100% natural materials. This clothing line is then sold by distributors, direct sales in 8 Bulgarian cities, two firm shops and regular participation in the International Plovdiv Fair of Consumer Goods and Technologies. The products have been awarded several awards from the latter. Moreover, Chernomorka is also engaged in the production of ladies' clothing and offers bookbinding services. The cooperative also provides the possibility for its workers and employees to raise their qualification levels through specialised courses and training.