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Introducing the Global Innovation Academy

Published Date: 26 March 2020

Introducing the Global Innovation Academy

Growing the next generation of social innovation leaders

We are living in an extraordinary time, where words such as “self isolation”, “social distancing” and “lockdown” are used in our everyday conversations. The world we knew a month ago seems to be a distant memory. 

This month, amidst the backdrop of global uncertainty, we’re launching our Global Innovation Academy (GIA), a programme powered by SIX to grow next generation leaders in the field of social innovation. The world is waking up to the realisation that our shared world requires much bolder, deeper and more creative approaches to social change. 

Young people need skills and confidence to navigate across sectors, disciplines and geographies, and they need it more than ever before. The GIA aims to develop skills needed for young people to navigate the uncertain future by providing useful tools, building peer relationships and confidence to act together. 

The first programme of SIX’s GIA is the SIX International Summer Schools, which will bring together young people aged 18-24 from different parts of the world for a social innovation learning experience. 

The SIX International Summer School is unique in the following ways: 

  • Our programme is based on a wider lens of social innovation, with the view that innovation can emerge from different sectors -- governments, businesses, civil society organisations, and from collaboration between these sectors and disciplines. 

  • The Summer School programme also has a unique place-based approach, exploring social innovation through the lens of place and time. It is inspired by social movements of the past and the present as well as civic and community initiatives around the world. 

  • The programme builds cultural awareness and confidence in young people by providing a safe space to explore and share our understanding of different contexts, not only within communities that are familiar to us, but also with people and in places we may otherwise never encounter. 

Participants don't just join a one week programme - they will become part of a global learning collective based on SIX’s collaborative, cross-sector, systems approach. 

The 2020 Summer Schools - innovating a new approach

The International Summer School programme is usually a 1-week programme which takes place in a city (London and Hong Kong). However, in these changing circumstances, we are taking actions to turn our programme into a series of online experiences. We will be experimenting with new tools and formats while holding true to our values and unique elements of our learning journey. 

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