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Inside Douban, China’s Truly Original Social Network

Author: Konstantin Lazutin
Published Date: 23 August 2011

Douban is a unique social network in China. Created by a user in a Starbucks cafe it offers the platform that innovators, activists and innovators were longing for. Cleverly using the fact that most of the worldwide social networks and websites are blocked in China, Douban provides the same services integrating them in a single social platform. Instead of IMDB there are Douban Movies, instead of MySpace indie musicians flock to Douban Music and for users there is

Despite the abundance of services, the main accent of Douban is on quality. Having postponed its monetization, Douban strives to deliver the best possible content even to non-member users. This, however, leads to one of Douban's shortcomings - limited sources of revenue, that in turn impede its growth. Nevertheless, the social network takes a unique niche in China and the demand is sure to be high.

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