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The identification and measurement of innovative characteristics of young people

Author: Mary Abdo
Published Date: 20 August 2009

The challenges of the future - globalisation, climate, technological and demographic change - require a different response from our education system. We need to equip future generations not only with strong basic skills and specialist technical knowledge, but with the attitudes and wider skills to generate radical new solutions and adapt to our rapidly changing world.

We need to provide future generation with the skills for innovation to a greater degree than ever before: the confidence and insight to generate a novel idea or new approach; the motivation, commitment and resilience to pursue that idea; the leadership, energy and dynamism to communicate their vision to others and drive it forward from concept to reality.

For these skills to have currency in education we need to be able to identify and measure them.

This pioneering work from Kingston University combines theoretical knowledge on measuring skills with practical understanding about how it can be done. In partnership with Kingston University, NESTA will take this work forward with the development of an online tool that will be freely available to young people, so that they can assess their capacity for innovation and appreciate how they can develop it further.