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An Ideas Competition for Unplugged Thinkers

Author: Kine Nordstokka
Published Date: 17 April 2012

The UOC is starting a movement. Get unplugged from the current way of thinking and submit your unplugged ideas for new social solutions to the UOC&Plugged ideas competition

We do not want to give up the possibility of welfare for humanity. Our planet has enough resources to ensure a decent life for all of its inhabitants. As a university of the Knowledge Society, we have a constant obligation to rethink who we are, what we do. We have to strive to get the best from ourselves and from the resources available to us via the information and communication technologies. In today’s world, we have to step back to take a leap forward. The UOC, the only university plugged to the Net since 1994, now suggests that we get unplugged. Not from the Web, but from the society we have inherited. We must think about what we are willing to give up in order to get back the most essential and valuable parts of the welfare state and rebuild it with an open mind. Let’s unplug in order to plug in again with more strength, security and imagination than ever!

For more informations, see the Unplugged Manifesto, or enter the competition.