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Flying from the Nest

Author: Louise Pulford
Published Date: 3 August 2010

In Afghanistan, faced with the education system in ruins, Aschiana and Aina (local NGO's) were able to create a training centre to teach multimedia to the street children of Kabul and to develop Parvaz magazine.

In Afghanistan, faced with the education system in ruins, a number of organisations both local and international have been working on-site for many years.Two key actors:

  • The Afghan NGO Aschiana (meaning the nest in Dari) welcomes kids from street
  • Aina, founded by the photojournalist Reza, educates the local population in media and culture, primarily thanks to the informal educational magazine Parvaz (meaning flight in Dari) designated to kids and their families.
  • Parvaz and Aschiana have combined to create a new entity, made up of two main concepts, the education of children from the street in journalism and communication followed by practical use of their learned skills to create the magazine Parvaz with a professional team.The children from the streets of Kabul take flight.