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Event Review: Cities for All - Tallinn for All

Author: Piret Potisepp
Published Date: 29 September 2011

As a part of Design Night festival, the results of the project “Cities for All – Tallinn for All” were presented yesterday on September 20 and the works were evaluated by a jury.

The ideas were evaluated by an international jury who selected the winner. The first and the second prize were divided between the Tallinn public transportation project and Gulliver Map. The third prize was given to the project of visual aids for the blind.

In addition to that, three special prizes were awarded. The prize for the most active student was given to Merike Saks from the Gulliver Map team. Kalle Pabut from Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences received the title of best supervisor. Norman Orro from the Tallinn public transportation workgroup received special mention. The awards were provided by Nokia and Inspira.

“I am very glad to have received recognition for my work, but implementing the project is more important for me than the prize,” says Norman Orro.

“I am glad to say that the Gulliver Map project has now reached the stage where the map has been put up and the inhabitants of Tallinn have had the chance to voice their opinions in order to make Old Town more accessible,” summarises Merike Saks. “However, this is not the end of the project yet. We plan to present the map of Tallinn Old Town together with our suggestions and wishes to the Tallinn City Government. We do sincerely hope that the map can be used in their future work,” says Merike.

The results of the project “Cities for All – Tallinn for All” are displayed in the glass atrium of the Rotermann Jahuladu from September 16 to October 6. Entrance to the exhibition is free of charge.
“Cities for All – Tallinn for All” is an international cooperation project which is aimed at finding solutions for making Tallinn more accessible and user-friendly. The project is carried out by the Estonian Association of Designers.

European Innovation Festival IF… and Design Night festival which are included in the European Capital of Culture Tallinn 2011 programme take place on September 16-25 in Tallinn. Within the span of 2 years, 6 cities organize the Innovation Festival – Barcelona, Milan, Kortrijk, Lisbon, Vilnius and Tallinn. These festivals emphasize innovation and user-friendly design, social inclusion, mobility, environmental awareness and the influence of technology on everyday life.

The programme of the sixth design festival is broad as is to be expected from a European Capital of Culture. The programme includes International design exhibitions, contests, different conferences, workshops, Design Auction, Pecha Kucha, Design Nightclub which is meant for networking, fashion shows and much more. The festival ends with the festive gala of the European Design Management Awards.

Additional information about the “Cities For All – Tallinn For All” project:
Ilona Gurjanova, Estonian Association of Designers, +37255573687

Additional information about Design Night festival and Innovation Festival IF…: and
Piret Potisepp, Innovation Centre InnoEurope +37253005636

Press release was sent out by Piret Potisepp, Innovation Centre InnoEurope