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Event Report: Innovation in Mind 2012 - Lund, Sweden

Author: G. Georgiev
Published Date: 1 October 2012

“Unframe Innovation” was the theme of this year’s Innovation in Mind Conference held at Lund University in Sweden. It took place in a spectacular setting at the very core of the university: the historic quadrangle in the exquisite park of Lundagård. It was a two day event with multiple plenary sessions, workshops and other social exercises aimed to show how “innovation processes can be improved by utilizing knowledge from fields other than engineering, science and economics.”

It was a fascinating gathering for people who are “curious about the future and want to see new connections and opportunities.” It aimed to “encourage new perspectives and new ways of thinking, and to contribute to a better climate for innovation. ”

In what he referred to as “
Innovation Jazz” speech, the moderator John Kao, unframed innovation to the audience, live and on stage, through the lens of music in a way that theory cannot capture.

“Jazz is a very fruitful field while looking at innovation,” he said. “It is music that is created in the moment.”  Just like Jazz, Innovation requires capability and competence. It’s about practice and creativity, not theory.  ”If the only tool you have is a hammer, you will be tempted to treat everything like a nail,” he added. He also distinguished the many different types of innovation, such as reverse innovation, social innovation and even Ghandian innovation.

As for the other speakers, Heidi Forbes Öste called for a new way of communication through visuals and thinking while Saskia Sassen challenged us to look at the “city as a hacker.” Out to prove that programming language as an art form, Sep Kamvar wowed the crowd with his minimalistic “Dog programming language.”

To read the full article, please follow the link to Forbes, where this event was originally published.