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Educate Lanka: harnessing the power of diaspora

Author: Educate Lanka
Published Date: 30 October 2012

Educate Lanka (Global) addresses the problem of lack of access to quality education in developing countries by accessing the multi-billion dollar Diaspora capital which is expected to reach $400 billion by 2013.

As a start, Educate Lanka has already connected over 300 Sri Lankan Diaspora from developed world to underwrite the education of over 350 underprivileged students in Sri Lanka on a long-term basis through a peer-to-peer micro-scholarship model. It has contributed over $100,000 in scholarships since inception operating on a 100% voluntary basis. In addition to the sharing of Diaspora capital, it is now creating an online mentoring platform to share the knowledge and expertise of the Diaspora and others in the developed world with the students in developing countries.

To improve its financial sustainability and to address the issue of access to employment, Educate Lanka has developed a corporate partnership model to provide workforce development training and job placements to the youth. It has already partnered with a major corporation and the Ministry of Education to provide distance learning non-formal education to 2000 schools by 2013. Through these partnerships, it will introduce its “fee-based” workforce curricular training program, bringing sorely needed education-for-employment to Sri Lanka.

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