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An Ecosystem for Social Innovation in Sweden

Author: Lund Univeristy, Malmö University and the Centre for Social Entrepreneurship Sweden
Published Date: 22 November 2014

Lund Univeristy, Malmö University and the Centre for Social Entrepreneurship Sweden published a report representing the continuation of a national dialogue among actors across Sweden with the aim of identifying promising areas of development for the social innovation system. The output of this dialogue is a list of suggestions that would support the advancement of social innovation knowledge and practice within academia, the public sector, civil society and business. Their recommendations are focused around four areas that are needed in order to grow the competence and capacity for social innovation in Sweden.

  • Knowledge: Sweden needs knowledge development related to social innovation on a theoretical, empirical and methodogical level; as well as an increased awareness of social innovation, social entrepreneurship and social enterprises.
  • Organization & Democratization: Social innovation is more effective when organized in various ways. Therefore, support for the expansion of social innovation support across Sweden is needed, and democratic and norm critical perspectives should be present in the development welfare innovations.
  • Financing: Successful social innovations secure sustainable financing for the development and implementation of activities, production and services. Therefore, a diversity of financial instruments that support the development of social innovations is needed. 
  • Competence: Sweden needs to support competence development through education, the inclusion of facilitators of innovation processes (intermediaries), and increased competence within the established innovation system to support social innovation and social entrepreneurs. 

Read "An Ecosystem of Social Innovation in Sweden: A strategic research and innovation agenda" to learn more about their recommendations as well as get a full picture of the social innovation scene in swedem from the main actors to key challenges.