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Design for the Ingenuity of Ageing: New Roles of Designers in Democratic Innovation

Author: Yanki Lee, Denny Ho, and Albert Tsang
Published Date: 16 December 2013

This Social Frontier paper was originally published by Nesta.

Can designers change inherent ageism through the engagement of older people in the design and delivery of socially innovative services and products with them? Can we change our current strategies towards ageing, turning its potential challenges into opportunities to engage, empower and improve the lives of the elderly as well as our future selves?

In other words, we are looking for answers to create systemic change for ageing innovation. From the Open Book of Social Innovation to Five Hours a Day,  Nesta's spiral of innovation suggests social innovation request organisational system changes.

"It's not just the successful scaling of individual innovations, it's the result of fundamental shifts across a range of domains, based on a novel understanding of the challenges or opportunities presented. Systemic change requires shifts across four key areas Product and service innovation, Market innovation, Political innovation and Cultural innovation."

Read the Social Frontier paper in full: "Design for the Ingenuity of Ageing: New Roles of Designers in Democratic Innovation"