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COVID-19 isn't the leveller we thought it would be

Published Date: 1 May 2020

April message from SIX's CEO Louise Pulford.

COVID-19 affects us all differently. Sadly, it’s not the leveller we all thought it would be. Marginalised groups are disproportionately affected, as are people in different parts of the world.

So as the conversation starts to move to ‘building back better’ (and other similar trendy phrases), how do we actively redress power imbalances that currently drive our world? Everyone must be included in this building project - it must be a truly global effort, it must include marginalised groups, and that includes women (as we see from Taiwan to New Zealand, to Germany and Scandinavia).

We will make sure we address power head-on in all of our programmes at SIX. This month, we are working on ensuring our Year on Power Advisory group has voices from every corner of the globe. We are also working on gender balance within our own Board, and we are delighted to welcome Kriss Deiglmeier to the team.