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Contribute to our global scan on philanthropic responses to COVID19

Published Date: 20 May 2020

Over the next couple of months, SIX will be putting together a short global scan looking at how foundations around the world are responding to Covid-19. 

This scan will provide a snapshot of some of the most innovative ways in which philanthropic organisations have pivoted in order to support their grantees and wider communities during this time. 

These snapshots will be disseminated through exclusive publication partners in the global North and South and will be followed by two virtual learning exchanges with representatives from different regions to discuss these interventions and others. A short provocation will focus on what we can learn from these initiatives as we think about the future and the future role of foundations in society. 

We hope to create a follow up to this scan in 6 - 12 months, which will show how many of the crisis responses have sustained past the initial crisis and have been integrated into longer-term strategies. 

We invite our network to share reflections on the following question: 

What is the best or most interesting philanthropic response you’ve seen to tackle the COVID19 crisis and its effects (beyond dispersing funds)?

Please get in touch at to share your thoughts on this question, or more widely around philanthropy and crisis responses. Or feel free to reply directly to this thread on Twitter.