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Consciously Rebuilding

Author: Costanza Cappello
Published Date: 18 December 2008

Consciously Rebuilding
The Consciously Rebuilding organisation was born to respond to the raising needs of the New Orleans community following the Katrina disaster. Its mission is to build bridges between the local communities, the industries and local government to address the new pressing needs by taking a cooperative approach to rebuilding. Through its mission and its projects it aims at helping the community rebuild itself – all the while educating them to be more conscious of the environment and the ways in which a community can become environmentally efficient.

One of their programmes, Coming Home, has created transitional homes with short term tenancies of 30 to 60 days for individuals that are seeking housing a career opportunities – effectively seeking a new permanent life in the post- disaster area.

Other educational programmes provide training to local residents in environmental issues such as implementing environmentally conscious design to improve conservation and sustainability regarding the rebuilding process. Amongst their activities are many aimed at re-creating cooperative community, such as organized clean-ups and tree planting.