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Community support for agriculture

Author: Cate Newnessmith
Published Date: 20 February 2008

Ainonghui” (the work group of communities support agriculture) established a bridge between urban young people and the natural (organic) agriculture resources. It established connections and trust relationship between urban communities and organic farmers.

Today, people in cities have more interest in rural life and slow food (although the Slow Food movement or philosophy is not known locally). With the industrialization of agriculture and environmental pollution, urban people are becoming more aware and eager to have more natural and healthy food. Since this is such a new trend, there are no related information platforms and no related credit system.

Ainonghui found farmers working with 'natural' agricultural produce (rice, vegetable and poultry), using traditional/local seeds and natural methods, and agreed on the bargaining of products and service. On the other side, they connected to urban people, activating their interest andgetting them involved in the network for booking and buying the agricultural products and services. They haveopened a showroom/store as a connection between suppliers and consumers.Community supporting agriculture will promote the sustainable agriculture,maintain species diversity and decrease the passive influenceon environment from modern agriculture such as chemical fertilizer. It promotes small-scale economy in the country, especially local agriculture trade and tourism to increase the income of farmers. It is a typical case of bottom-up system and self-management, where trust is recovered or sustained between farmers and urban people. The difficultylies inthe expansion of the network, since it will not be easy to sustain the trust links (in a larger network).

Ainonghui connects farmers, who prefer to farm in a traditionalway, and communities who would like access to their products. It promotes sustainable agriculture and slow food, providing urban peoplewithdifferent and morehealthy food, strengthening the social fabric, and increasing trust between people.