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The Collaborative City

Published Date: 31 March 2008

Through future scenarios ranging from the highly probable to the highly improbable but potentially high impact, The Collaborative City draws out implications of a wide range of future trends in London including population growth, community relations, climate change and housing and shocks to the system such as pandemics . The report is optimistic about London’s prospects, with continued growth and economic performance as the most likely scenario. But success also creates its own problems such as pressure on the city’s infrastructure and rising housing costs The report argues that London needs find ways to-

• Sustain the city’s economic and cultural dynamism , working across boundaries to improve London’s infrastructure and manage it s growth, while also improving the wellbeing of London’s people and places

• Be ready to face an uncertain future with flexibility and resilience. This includes making sure buildings are ‘future proof’ and can be adapted to changing uses, and institutions are geared up to respond quickly to unexpected change.

• Work together to act as a connected system across London’s complex structure of governance and institutions. We need the ability to think a