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CIVICUS International Civil Society Week

Author: Tevfik Başak Ersen for Alliance Magazine
Published Date: 8 January 2015

This blog post is written by Tevfik Başak Ersen and was originally published on Alliance Magazine.

CIVICUS and its partners organized International Civil Society Week (ICSW) in Johannesburg between 19 and 25 November. In a week of meetings and workshops in the heartland of Africa, a total of 700 activists and civil society leaders from more than 100 countries discussed #post2015 agenda, #CitizenAction and #PeoplesPower along with other pressing social issues of our day. International Civil Society Week was not only a platform for inspiring interactions and thought-provoking discussions but also a joyful celebration of South Africa’s 20th anniversary of freedom and democracy.

Shrinking civic space was a recurring and common theme. Many activists referred to different regulations implemented by governments and expressed growing anxiety for the future of civil society and fundamental rights and liberties. It is probably because of this growing pressure that many activists and CSOs find innovative ways for civic space. Arts and music, video games and different campaigns are only some of the tools used by these inspiring activists. In many cases internet technologies help them attract attention and keep these spaces vibrant for a more enabling environment.

Without any doubt...(read the full article here on Alliance Magazine)