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CHITA 08-Newsletter6: Successful Conclusion and Expecting Future.

Published Date: 22 November 2008


Successful Conclusion and Expecting Future!

In last three weeks, several project activities were organized in China and there are many stories that we’d like to share with you!

Chita 08 has entered the last stage of project communication and dissemination in last weeks. Two Phd candidates, Chak and Mioasen visited Jiangnan university again, together with Francesca who stayed there as visiting researcher since this September, and Chinese Professors, Greg and Ming, we organized several projects activities as follows with supports from local partners.

>> Press Conference of CHITA 08 project, School of Design, JU, Wuxi, Nov. 16, 14:00- 17:00

CHITA 08 项目成果发布会, 江南大学设计学院报告厅,11月16日14:00-17:00

-The press conference was organized by school of design as one of activities of 50 Anniversary of Jiangnan University. Therefore many professors, students and schoolmates participate the conference. Prof. Li Shiguo, vice dean is the moderator of conference, Prof. Shen Jie (Chinese project manager), Francesca Valsecchi and Miaosen Gong had speeches in different perspectives. Each group of students has short presentation during conference, and finally Prof. Manzini gave a video speech as conclusion. The conference brought a positive and big impact in school of design on this emerging research and didactical topics of design for social innovation and service design.

>> Exhibition of “Service Design for Sustainability and Harmonious Society” in China International Industrial Design Expo, Wuxi, Nov. 8-10, 2008


- Comparing to press conference, the exhibition in Expo is a best occasion to communicate the results of project to society and industry. CIIDE is one of biggest industrial design Expo in China and co-organized by the National Intellectual Property Office of P.R.C. and Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government. Beside Chita 08, other 3 projects, Final synthesis Lab as a parallel course, SEP and All in a suitcase were shown in the exhibition.

>> Exhibition of International collaboration projects, School of Design, JU, Wuxi, since Nov. 10 -, 2008


This is a long-term exhibition for the 50th Anniversary on international collaboration of school of design. No doubts, Chita 08 is the freshest part of this exhibition. It will be open to students, professors and all visitors in next years.

>> Final presentation of workshop, School of Design, JU, Wuxi, Nov. 11, 13:30-16:30, 2008

课程最终结果陈述,江南大学设计学院A305,11月11日13:30- 16:30

As a step of course, final presentation is the last check-point. Beside our project lecturer team, Honorly we invited several experts to participate the final presentaion. They are Prof. Li shiguo, nice dean of School of Design, Mr. Cathy Huang, the president of China Bridge International and Eleonora Lupo, a visiting researcher of Hong Kong PolyU, their participation give very helpful comprehensive comments in different viewpoints.

As a PhD research based project, leaded by Prof. Ezio Manizni, 6 PhD candidates in Design programme of Politecnico di Milano were involved into Chita 08 and all of them have visited China as visiting researchers for 3 weeks or 3 months. They are Miaosen Gong, Francesca Valsecchi, Joon Sang Baek, Musstanser Tinauli, Irina Maria Suteu, Chakrapipat Assawaboonyalert.

Until now, 9 publications have been published or accepted by the international academic conferences all over the world (3 in China, 6 in Europe and USA), which are co-written by the lecturer teams of Polimi and JU. In next months, Chita 08 project wil be presented in DesignEd Asia conference (Hongkong), Social innovation conference (Beijing) and China International industrial design academy conference (Shenzhen).

The success of Chita 08 will bring more opportunities of collaboration. A proposed idea of Design research center of DESIS (service design for social innovation and sustainability) has been discussed and approval in Jiangnan university, which would be a next collaboration between two universities.

With invitations from Hunan University and several other universities, Prof. Manzini will visit China again in next January for visiting universities in Changsha, Shanghai, Wuxi, Beijing and so on, which will be another milestone of the research agenda of DESIS in China.


More information will be updated in the website:

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Miaosen Gong 巩淼森,

Jie Sheng, 沈杰,

Francesca Valsecchi,

CHITA 08 is a teaching and research project collaboration between INDACO department, Politecnico di milano (Italy) and School of Design, Jiangnan University (China) in order to investigate the service design for social innovation and sustainability and the potential of mobile communication technologies.

The workshop is a service design exercise from July to November 2008 including case studies and field research, concept definition, solution development and project communication by 29 students participants and 9 Professors from Polimi and JU.

Finally, 6 groups of students developed 6 service design concepts about food network, mobility, health, stories connected to places, migrant workers and outdoor sports.

Miaosen Gong


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