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CEAL-education toolkit: how community-entrepreneurship transforms education across Europe

Author: Elos Foundation
Published Date: 9 September 2016

Elos Foundation and the CEAL-network have developed an education toolkit and do-it-yourself design-package for educators and community-leaders, to set up entrepreneurial learning programs in real-life community setting. Last Saturday the network launched this toolkit and the new platform at a 2-day-festival held in youth centre JES in Molenbeek, Belgium.  

CEAL, Community-based Entrepreneurship Action-Learning, has been developed to respond to the need of new forms of learning in reality, that have direct societal impact and at the same time give youth valuable entrepreneurial attitudes and experiences to be more responsive to unsteady socio-economic circumstances. 

The CEAL-toolkit supports educational institutions and community organizations to build partnerships and design program that bring youth together to learn to build community-based projects that have income generating potential. The model has been developed network of 20 partner-organization in 5 countries, funded by the European Union, under the Erasmus+ strategic partnership program.

More information about the CEAL toolkit is available here.