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Catalysts for social change, Arizona prisoners taming wild horses, universal basic income in Scotland & more!

Author: SIX
Published Date: 12 January 2018


Each week, the SIX team will be sharing their favourite pieces of reading. The content will be organised thematically, and each piece will tie to work that is currently being undertaken by the organisation. Enjoy!

Criminal justice

Jordan Junge: The Art of Gentling

At a state penitentiary in Arizona, prisoners are learning how to tame wild horses. As Haley Cohen found, these are also lessons for life – and for corrections policy. (via 1843, December 2017)


Julie Munk: Good Design Is a Public Good

What are the results when considering the achievements and future of the social-impact design movement? (via City Lab, December 2017)

Social change

Louise Pulford: How Field Catalysts Galvanize Social Change

Ending malaria. Achieving marriage equality. Dramatically reducing teen smoking. Surmounting these and other daunting social challenges can require an “invisible hand” that amplifies the efforts of many other players in the field. These behind-the-scenes catalysts are built to win campaigns, not to last forever, and they are galvanizing population-level change. (via SSIR, Winter 2018)

Future of work

Duncan Collins-Adams: Scotland united in curiosity as councils trail universal basic income  

Four local authorities tasked with turning utopian fantasy into reality with backing of first minister and multi-party support. (via The Guardian, December 2017)

Jordan Junge: The policy experiment that might just save Puerto Rico

In the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico's poverty level has risen to 53 per cent and much of the country remains without basic infrastructure. Could the disaster be the trigger for a radical new experiment - a job guarantee? (via the Week, December 2017)

New Year’s resolutions

Julie Munk: 5 things we tried in 2017 - Plus 5 things we’ll try in 2018

Aninsight into errors, trials and successes from Inwithforward's work the last year, and a guideline for how others might apply similar approaches. (via Inwithforward, January 2018)


Duncan Collins-Adams: Conversations in a Divided Berlin

Several years into a new wave of refugees entering the city, the grassroots organizations that sprung up to meet their needs have become part of the fabric of the city. (via CityLab, January 2018)