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Canadian Lab Stories

Author: SiG
Published Date: 22 April 2015

Learning As We Grow is a series of short interviews that provide a snapshot of lab activity happening across Canada. Put simply, labs are intense meetings of diverse groups of people who are searching for breakthrough solutions to serious societal challenges. This project emerged out of the desire to acknowledge and capture what’s taking place on our home turf. We see these videos as a chance to share and celebrate early learnings on Canada’s journey with labs

Toronto Atmospheric Fund

Mary Pickering describes the opportunities a lab approach offers for the Toronto Atmospheric Fund (TAF). Through extensive stakeholder engagement and iterative product testing, TAF hopes to reach an 80% reduction in climate-damaging emissions by the year 2050.

SiG has produced a profile for our social innovation series that explains TAF’s approach to funding further. You can also visit their page on the City of Toronto site for further information.

The Moment

Process designers Mark and Greg walk through a typical lab process and highlight some of the opportunities a lab approach offers for moving the needle on society’s biggest challenges. Mark and Greg are co-founders of The Moment, which designs and facilitates lab processes for organizations.

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OCAD Strategy & Innovation Lab [sLab]

Contrary to conventional strategy theory, the OCAD Strategic Innovation Lab [sLab] uses a lab approach to envision multiple possible futures. The OCAD sLab focuses on identifying innovations that are scaleable and have deep impact to create a more resilient society.

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MaRS Solutions Lab

Joeri van den Steenhoven describes the opportunities a lab approach offers for the MaRS Solutions Lab in making systems change. The MaRS Solutions Lab is working on four problem areas: the future of health, the future of food, the future of work, and the future of government.

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