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Business for Good - call for examples

Published Date: 18 July 2019

A collaborative research project between HKSEF, SIX, InnoFoco and EY.

Increasingly businesses have also come to the realization that profit maximization is not the way to create long term and sustainable shareholder value. The private sector, with its ability to innovate and take risks to achieve scale and measurable results, can be a key driver to solve complex problems with speed and efficiency.
There is great potential to use and tap into corporates skills/abilities that are integral to their business for better sustainability and a more equitable society. But what are the push and pull factors for companies to start behaving differently? 

HKSEF, Social Innovation Exchange, InnoFoco and EY is conducting a collaborative study to explore what it takes to bring about the change in Hong Kong.
This research project consists of a scan of current global trends and stocktaking of the current situation in Hong Kong, interviews with business leaders in Hong Kong and around the world and an online survey with the Hong Kong community. The research will provide actionable recommendations on how we can catalyse the development of business for social good in Hong Kong.

Call for examples

SIX is currently consolidating a list of corporations that are practicing “Do Well, Do Good” spirit. We are looking for examples of corporations from around the globe that are embedding social innovation into their strategies and practices. Whether it is framed as Creating Shared Value (CSV) or as purpose-driven business, Bcorp, corporate citizenship or other concepts/framework, we would love to know more about your stories. 

If you know of any brilliant cases of companies driving positive social changes, in any field, then please get in contact with Marco at