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Atlas of social innovation – 2nd volume: A World of New Practices

Published Date: 20 November 2019

The second volume of the Atlas of Social Innovation recently came out with an introduction by our CEO Louise Pulford. 

The book series Atlas of Social Innovation aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the dynamic field of social innovation research and practice. After the successful first volume, the second volume of the Atlas of Social Innovation – A World of New Practices, compiled by TU Dortmund University team, brings together the leading experts of the field.

We are thrilled to announce that Louise Pulford, CEO of SIX, has written the introduction to the second volume of the Atlas. Commenting on how social innovation can help int the climate crisis we are in she explains:  

“Social innovation is needed now, more than ever. In order to make headway on these global challenges, we must further strengthen the global social innovation ecosystem. We must reinvigorate the social innovation movement around its core values of pluralism and diversity”

Read Louise’s full introduction for free here.

Containing 43 articles from 25 international partners who are part of the EU funded  SI-DRIVE project, the Atlas brings together knowledge from a community of practitioners, policymakers and researchers. The new insights into the social innovation world delivers a diversity of approaches from many different actors involved in the sector.  

The individual articles are available online at or you can order a hard copy or e-book at

The atlas has 43 articles with contributions from Jo Barraket, Taco Brandsen, Tim Draimin, Benoît Godin, Carlos Guaipatin, Lars Hulgård, Johanna Mair, Frank Moulaert, Frank Pot, Johan Schot, Klaus Schuch, Judith Sutz… and many more 

Edited by: Jürgen Howaldt, Christoph Kaletka, Antonius Schröder, Marthe Zirngiebl

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