How to be more innovative in your practice: 6 reflections from SIX and Hivos

Across the world, development and social challenges are increasingly more complex and urgent. From INGOs to community organisations to governments, finding new ways of working to meet these challenges is more of a priority than ever. The organisations that are best placed to deliver the biggest impact are those that are highly connected, that are agile and seek to be disruptors. But what does this mean in practice?

Over the past year and a half, SIX and Hivos have partnered to discover and understand innovation processes with social impact. By organising gatherings from Johannesburg to Nairobi, we connected social innovators and international development communities to share insights and reflections. We’ve started to build up a pioneering network of practitioners across Africa linked to the global field of social innovation. Based on our experiences, we’re sharing six reflections to be more innovative within development projects. This is relevant to anyone who is looking for practical ways to put innovation into action.

Read the reflections: How to be more innovative in your practice