Government of Canada releases recommendations for comprehensive social innovation and social finance strategy

In 2017, a Co-Creation Steering Group, appointed by the Government of Canada, engaged stakeholders from across sectors and regions to provide recommendations for a pan-Canadian Social Innovation and Social Finance Strategy.

In 2018, the Social Innovation and Social Finance Strategy Co-Creation Steering Group released its report, Inclusive Innovation: New Ideas and New Partnerships for Stronger Communities. This comprehensive report contains 12 key recommendations that would help communities tackle their toughest social and environmental challenges through skill development, unlocking private capital, increasing market access, and regulatory changes. The report highlights the growing importance of social innovation. 

The 12 key recommendations are:

Our Global Council partner SIX partner The McConnell Foundation was one of 17 members of the co-creation steering committee that developed this new investment policy. We are delighted to have been featured as a demonstration of the rich global fabric of relationships that Canada has.

For more information, follow this link to see the report on the Government of Canada website.